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  • Xbox Series S Review

    The original version of this Xbox Series S review was published on November 5, 2020. The Xbox Series S is one of the most bizarre gaming consoles I’ve seen in recent memory, and it’s worth noting. As a consequence, it’s a less expensive and less powerful version of Microsoft’s flagship Xbox Series X system – […]

  • DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment Review

    Sony has never been afraid to experiment with new technologies, whether it’s robotic dogs or pocketable computers. The PlayStation, on the other hand, has mostly remained loyal to its origins in terms of design and functionality. It’s for this reason that seeing something as uncommon as the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment is so intriguing […]

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Review

    The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic piece of technology. With the Joy-Con controllers attached to the sides, it can be used as a gaming handheld while remaining in your hands, or it can be used as a home console while docked and connected to your television, and it can switch between the two modes in […]

  • Review of Meta Quest 2 Review of Meta Quest 2

    I’m a strong believer in virtual reality and all of its possibilities. But, since since virtual reality (VR) began to gain momentum in the mainstream, the issue has been raised as to when it will become a viable consumer product. The year is now, and Meta Quest 2 is the finished product. The latest version […]


    You’re almost definitely pondering if the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is worth the money if you’ve sat down to read a review. Let’s face it, a traditional-style controller is pricy, and there are lots of substantially less priced third-party ones on Amazon. You’ve certainly also seen that some of them look to be, to put […]

  • Review of the Xbox Wireless Controller (2020).

    In comparison to other controllers, the Xbox Wireless Controller is not a brand-new controller. A new version of the Xbox One gamepad, which has been enhanced for use with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, is being sold in place of the original. Despite sharing the same name and having a mostly […]