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The Innocn 15k1f is an excellent choice if you require a second monitor or a display when you are away from your workplace. With regard to colour and contrast, the 1080p full-HD OLED display produces outstanding results. All-rounder of exceptional ability.

The term “portable display” typically conjures up images of low-cost, flimsy-feeling devices with poor colour representation and limited functionality.

The Innocn 15k1f is a 15.6-inch portable monitor with full-HD OLED display that surpasses a number of its competitors. When it comes to a high-quality display that you can take with you wherever you go and that fits a wide range of requirements, the device, which costs $419.99, is an excellent option to consider.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this magnificent display, and we’ll be giving one away to a fortunate reader at the conclusion of this review!

Pros and Cons


  • The OLED panel has a colour gamut that is 100 percent DCI-P3.
  • The usage of a range of devices is made possible by the presence of many inputs.
  • It’s useful for gaming while you’re not in close proximity to your computer.


  • Unsuitable for a wide variety of media types.
  • The sound quality produced by the speakers is substandard.
  • There is no 3.5mm headphone jack on this device.


Most laptops, USB C smartphones, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation 5/4/3, mini PCs, digital cameras, and other devices are compatible with the Innocn Portable Computer Monitor’s two signal input options: USB C or Mini HDMI. Plug it in, turn it on, and spread the word about it.

There’s no need for a driver in this situation! As well as providing a solid connection, it also ensures that data delivery is consistent. With 3.5mm audio connections and a user-friendly design, this device is a great choice.

The Innocn 15.6-Inch Full HD Anti-Glare Ips Ultra Slim Portable External Monitor is ideal for travel, on-the-go meetings, or business trips. It has a touch screen and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This high-quality display from Ips has a 178-degree viewing angle as well as a 1080p resolution, resulting in high-quality visuals and an excellent user experience. 178 degrees wide view, maximum brightness (maximum): 42020 Cd/m2, maximum contrast ratio: 1500:1, maximum aspect ratio: 16:9

Crafted Construction with Great Care

Once the Innocn 15k1f is removed from the packaging, one of the first things that strikes you is the degree of craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of the device. In terms of looks and feel, it’s really professional looking. The fact that it is only 1.6 pounds and has overall dimensions (without case) of 14.2 by 9.2 by 0.2 inches means that it is a really portable computer display.

The matte coating on the aluminium metal shell, which is available in a lovely copper-brown tone, adds to the sleekness of the design while also protecting the metal from scratches. The Innocn logo is positioned in the centre of the screen at the bottom of the screen.

All of the controls are accessible in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Located on the top edge of one of the monitor’s corners, the power button is flanked by an LED indication that illuminates to indicate whether the device is getting power and is actively operating. On the right side of the monitor’s corner, there are a couple of inconspicuous up and down arrow buttons. In the next part, we’ll go through the many functions that each key has to offer.

It is in the centre of both the left and right borders that you’ll find the stereo speakers, which are distinguished by the holes punched in the sides for sound escape.

How Simple Is It to Operate the Innocn 15k1f?

Considering that we’re dealing with a portable monitor, the approach is simple. While holding down the power button for three seconds turns on and off the device, a single click while the display is operating brings up the OSD menu and sub-menus that are accessible through the menu.

During a one-second push and hold of the power button, the current choice or sub-menu will be exited from the OSD menu.

The up key increases the volume or moves the menu left in the OSD menu, as well as raising any progress bar controlled by the user (like turning brightness up, for example).

The down key lowers the volume, or, if you’re in the OSD menu, it adjusts the menu items to the right and lowers any user-operated progress bars that are displayed on the screen (like turning the contrast down).

Using the LED indicator makes it much easier to use the device. When the screen is illuminated in blue, it indicates that it is active. The screen has been turned off, and the background is orange in colour. As you might expect, the room is pitch black, and the electricity has been turned off as well. The on-screen display (OSD) is simple to use, and it provides access to a large number of customizable features.

From the Home screen, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and volume of your display, as well as access additional menu options. In the Profiles menu, you may create as many as six different screen profiles, so you might have one for gaming and another for reading an eBook, for example. You have the Color Temperature option, which allows you to adjust the RGB values of your images..

Exceptional Performance in the Motion Picture

Following that, it’s time for the show. When it comes to portable displays, I have to say that I am always apprehensive about them. Particularly when they advertise themselves as being fantastic for gaming, I typically find them lacking in one or more aspects.

Can you tell me whether the Innocn 15k1f is a good gaming laptop? What about other applications, such as reading, watching movies, or using it as a display for graphics programmes such as Photoshop? What about other applications?

I connected the monitor to my laptop and signed into my Game Pass account to test how well it performed in terms of gaming performance. It performed admirably. Because I was aware that No Man’s Sky is an incredibly gorgeous and sophisticated game, that was my first port of call. The OLED screen definitely shines in this situation.

To the extent that my explanation image does not do it credit, the colour contrast (which, let’s be honest, is ridiculous in No Man’s Sky) is beautifully represented.

Another feature of NMS’ graphics is their brightness, which the Innocn’s OLED screen handles brilliantly because to its high contrast ratio. Almost minimal motion blur and no obvious stuttering are visible due to the 60Hz refresh rate of the display.

Even while some gamers may not consider the 15k1f a viable option when 120Hz refresh rates become the standard, it is important to remember that this is a portable monitor and not your traditional gaming monitor (Innocn has a rather meaty 4K desktop display, too).

Buying the Innocn 15k1f: Is It a Good Investment?

Yes, you really must. In the event that you do not require a 4K monitor but still want high image quality, the 15k1f is the ideal portable companion. You can take it with you everywhere you go because it’s small and lightweight, and if you travel with your Series S, as this writer does, you can play pretty much anywhere you want.

Our tablet is a terrific all-around device that exceeds the competition in terms of its abilities as a screen for graphic design applications and its movie-watching abilities.

But, do you intend to utilise this device to broadcast audio content? Unlikely. It doesn’t matter whether you use your gaming headset, headphones, or external speakers to listen to music if you do so; this point is thus moot. The speakers on a portable monitor will not provide a cinematic sound experience, but you shouldn’t expect them to.

Another minor annoyance is the high-gloss, high-reflective screen of the device. When working in well-lit environments, finding an angle where light does not bounce off of the subject can be difficult. In contrast, if you sit in front of the monitor for an extended period of time (which you will most likely do), a sea of rich colour washes away those reflections, which is further aided by the 400nit screen brightness.


In terms of design and functionality, it’s one of the most refined and feature-rich portable Full-HD screens available. It boasts a stunning matte surface that is enclosed by a thin bezel, which makes reading text or performing other productivity tasks a breeze on this device.

This gadget includes several connectors, including two USB-C ports, which allow you to connect it to a game console or other device while still keeping it switched on.

The monitor is one of the smallest and lightest portable displays available, even with the kickstand cover is connected, which has a gripping sensation and joins with magnets to prolong its life.

Despite the fact that some may find the design uninspired, the absence of branding might be considered a positive..

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