Review of the Redragon S101

Putting together a gaming system doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, by minimising expenditures in certain areas, you may be able to save money on the most important parts of the system.

There are a myriad of low-cost gaming keyboards and mice available that, believe it or not, deliver satisfactory performance. The Redragon S101 is one of the most cost-effective and high-quality keyboards currently available on the market.

With its exceptional build quality and performance, it is one of the best keyboards for both normal usage and gaming, and it is one of the best gaming keyboards for extended gaming sessions.

You have been unable to purchase the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard. What gives? Then go for the Redragon S101, which includes a high-quality keyboard and gaming mouse as standard equipment. It’s the most cost-effective solution for people on a low budget.

Pros and Cons

• Pros

  • Excellent value for money. • Excellent customer service. Bundles that contain both a keyboard and a mouse are available. Keyboard with multimedia controls integrated in
  • Colors in the lighting that are saturated
  • Price
  • Stout forearms on the keyboard
  • Rubber inlays provide non-slip properties.

• Cons

  • There isn’t nearly enough wrist support.
  • The stiffness of the mouse’s construction material
  • Use of a soft keystroke


When it comes to membrane keyboards, we were really pleased with the Redragon S101, which we purchased. The keys themselves have a good feel to them; they are not mechanical in nature, yet have enough resistance to respond to your fingertips when you press them.

Meanwhile, the keys have a rubbery feel that prevents fingers from slipping around on them. It had a comparable feel to the keyboard, which made it much easier to control. With respect to gaming and general use, the Redragon S101 is a clear victor in comparison to the Logitech K400 headset.

The keyboard itself is a high-quality piece of equipment. A gaming mouse and keyboard set, such as the Redragon S101, may, on the other hand, allow you to play more effectively. In addition to the Redragon gaming keyboard, the Red Backlit Gaming Mouse is a wonderful match for this device as well.

The mouse has a sensitivity of 3200 DPI, which allows you to have exact control over your movements while working. In addition, the sensitivity may be adjusted to fit whatever game type you like, depending on your preferences.

The Red Backlit gaming mouse is not a gimmick designed to entice you to purchase the entire bundle at a greater price than it is worth. To put it another way, it’s a full-fledged gaming system. The mouse comes with five customisable buttons, a comfortable right-hand grip, and eight tuning weights to choose from.


The Redragon S101 keyboard, as well as the gaming mouse that comes with it, look to be constructed of high-quality materials considering the price. When compared to the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, though, it looks to be a more affordable option.

The multimedia buttons, as well as particular keys for email, home, searching, and other functions, are located in the upper-right area of the screen. You may alter the RGB illumination on this keyboard because it is an LED keyboard by hitting the FN key followed by the arrow keys. It is lacking a comfortable wrist rest. It’s a bit longer around the bottom now, but it’s still not enough to be considered adequate.

When it came to the Redragon keyboard review, we put this configuration through its paces and are pleased to report back on our results. No problems have been reported when the two devices have been placed side-by-side in the same room. It’s a pleasure to press the buttons and receive a satisfactory reaction.

When utilising a keyboard and a mouse, there is no sense of contradiction in the experience. Using the adjustable lighting on the mouse and keyboard, you may design a colour scheme that complements the appearance of both devices. The end result is a sense of harmony that not only feels, but also appears.


Making a direct comparison between the Redragon S101 and the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard was the most effective method of determining its worth. After all, they’re both billed as “gaming” keyboards, so it makes sense. When it comes to performance, the Razer is unquestionably superior.

In the case of the Redragon S101, you’re getting a combination of a great gaming keyboard and a mouse with additional buttons. In order to obtain the most value for your money while staying on a tight budget, this is the route to take.

Modern membrane keyboards have a number of distinguishing characteristics. A number of factors pique the interest of our team when it comes to showcasing Redragon s101. The fact that a red dragon keyboard is tactile is a strong selling factor for the product. Because of how soft the keys are, pressing them almost doesn’t register with the user after they are done.

The mechanical mechanism in this Redragon keyboard review is so subtle that it is almost imperceptible. The keys are covered with an elastic band to prevent your fingertips from sliding.

Furthermore, the integrated mouse is designed to be comfortable in the user’s hand and to be scarcely noticeable when in use. We suggest the Redragon s101 above the Logitech K400 as a better overall value for money.

The value for money is excellent.

What the product claims to accomplish is exactly what it does. The keyboard and mouse are both quite pleasant to use on a daily basis. The illumination on the keyboard is beautiful, and it can not only change colours but can actually blink or produce a wave as well.

In addition to deciding on a primary colour. As an added bonus, this keyboard comes with a color-changing mouse, which is a small annoyance on my side. The mouse has the capacity to fade slowly or fast, but it does not have the capability of matching your colours. However, other from that, I believe that the product is worth the money that I paid for it.

It’s a decent gaming keyboard for the price. The keys are responsive and simple to operate. There are a variety of fun backlighting options available. Change the colour of the lights, or have them pulse in different patterns, to suit your needs.

When the right shift key is used in conjunction with the number keys one or two, the! and @ symbols are not shown. Because of the left shift key that is required to type these symbols, my typing speed has suffered. As a little irritation, this keyboard is intended for gaming purposes rather than for typing.


The Redragon S101 delivered outstanding performance in a gaming environment. It will, in the majority of cases, outperform the amount of money you pay, and this includes the gaming mouse as well.

In addition, the added capabilities, like as multimedia playback and dedicated app keys, were really helpful. However, because it is so fairly priced, you will be able to upgrade to a more comfortable wrist rest in the future.

The fact that the device’s cost is both affordable and well-justified is something I like. Throughout the package, there are a number of extras that help to fill out the whole experience. When it comes to both design and usefulness, the keyboard is of really high quality.

As previously said, the red dragon keyboard beats all expectations for a keyboard in its price range, which is fantastic news. Because of the low cost, you may spend your money on other, more important components for your computer.

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